Monday, January 17, 2011

Soap...It's Important

For those of you who don't know, I travel a lot for work all over the United States. One would think that after 11 years of this it would get tiring. Trust me, sometimes it does. Most of the time tho, I love it. There is nothing quite like having someone clean up after you everyday no matter how big a mess you leave in your room. Also it affords the opportunity to sample some simply fabulous cuisine.

A lot of the time, I just get to notice some the simpler things in life. Today, my job consisted of driving a van around to various hotels in the Walt Disney World complex delivering things. At all of these venues I invariably wound up in their bathrooms, who knew my pee was on such a tight schedule. I think all the coffee helped.

What I noticed is that each hotel had a different kind of soap. One would think that all of the Disney properties would use the same soap...BUT NO! At The Dolphin Hotel, the soap is blue and rather harsh on the skin. I was putting on lotion before I was out the door. The soap at the Bonnet Creek is a creamy white,  and quite luxurious, but it had a horrible scent. I think they were trying for lavender and took a wrong turn towards Freesia...ick! The Contemporary Resort's soap smelled like sea water, and it too was very harsh.

My favorite soap of all the ones I sampled today was at The Coronado Hotel. It was creamy and smooth, very little scent and it left my skin feeling soft and supple for a long time after using it. So Disney, if you're listening, start using that soap at all your hotels. I need to ask my contact there is they can tell me if it's a brand name the commoners can purchase.

I am sorely disappointed with many of the soaps available for purchase these days. Too many choices and none of them deliver on many of their claims. So tell me readers, what is your favorite soap? Do you prefer a bar? or something liquid in a dispenser?


  1. Totally don't use traditional soap. I am a girl. I use body wash in the shower (usually something from Bath and Body Works). For my face, I specifically purchase face cleaner. For my hands in the bathroom or kitchen, I am not all that picky as long as it smells decent and is a pretty color. Cannot stand bars of soap. Eww. Hate 'em!

  2. and I don't know if I like being the antagonist in your cast list over there! I just noticed that!

  3. Kim thanks for pointing out the Cast List! How can one have 2 BFFs? I use body wash, usually not something scented unless it goes with my cologne. I have a horrible time finding decent hand soap. The stuff at work is like pure detergent it is so drying. Haven't seen you online. Waited until after 8 tonight. Perhaps tomorrow.

  4. OMG you have not updated! This is not acceptable! Today is Wednesday!

    I have been waiting forever to be able to do that!

  5. I also prefer a body wash, but having sensitive skin, I have to be careful what is in it. And I can be fine with one 'flavor' but break out to another of the same brand. Just had to pass on some Avon because of that. I think I will end up having to use something awful like Ivory later in life just because it's pure. I do follow up with baby oil after a shower to keep from drying out too much.

    I also use Neutrogena on my face because of acne. Although it doesn't look like it right now because of those damn hormones!

    I can't wait to see if I am added to the cast and what my description will be!