Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moral Dementia

I have one moral...and one moral only. It's not enough to be a code, more like a Golden Rule...

I don't mess around with those I know to be married or otherwise in a relationship. It comes down to hypocrisy for me. I don't live in a state where my partner and I can be married. So it bugs me when a person who can take advantage of the benefits and commitment of holy matrimony choses to step outside of that bond to find, for lack of a better word, sex. It especially bothers me when it is a supposedly straight man stepping outside of that bond to have sex with other men. To me that is the ultimate hypocrisy.

Recently, while I was traveling for work, I received a response to one of the postings I post in the local area via CraigsList. The responder was one of my coworkers, a married with children coworker. He doesn't know he was responding to me, of that I am 98.5% sure. In a nut shell, he was looking for sex. Sex with another (not knowing it was me).

I responded to his post mainly because I wanted to make sure he didn't know it was me and was just playing some sort of prank. He replied, confirming that he had no idea it was me and at that point I broke off the conversation.

Now I am torn, certainly there is no way I would ever have relations with this man. That would break my Golden Rule. But his hypocrisy burns in my blood. I want to tell everyone about his "secret". I want everyone to know what a sleazy slime he is. I want his unsuspecting wife to know about the dangers he is subjecting her too when he travels. The poor wife never knows...until it's too late.

What would you do? Would you tell? Would you keep his secret, but let him know you knew his secret? Would you keep your mouth shut and never speak of it to anyone?

I really don't know which choice I plan to make. I do know I will not be deleting those emails anytime soon...especially the one with his very clear shirtless face picture.

I mean, when you only have one moral you have to always be prepared to play in the mud.

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  1. I say blow the bastard out of the water and post it everywhere that every person he knows will see it! He deserves it! That poor wife of his. You keep standing by that one moral!