Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The JimNotMike Annual Oscar Fashion Review

I admit it, I am a whore for the Oscar's. Heck, I didn't even see half of the movies that are up for nomination. I don't care about the movies. I want to see what everyone is wearing to the event! I want to see the streamline gowns and the fabulous train wrecks. I want to see who starved themselves and had a rib removed to fit their dress, and more importantly…who didn't!

This year, I think I'll start out with what I 'm calling…The Misses

Poor Sandra
I might take some flack for this one, but Sandra Bullock…where did your waistline go? I think I would love this dress if only it were slightly more fitted. It looks like a pudgy Morticia Addams ran into a Grecian column.

Sandra at the 2011 Oscars
How does one go from flirt to frump in the course of a year? Sandra, send me pics of your gown prospects for next year. Tod and I will help you chose.

Melissa McCarthy. Big gurls, ya know I love em!
She has looked so good at other award shows, I had very high hopes for Melissa on Oscar Night. Unfortunately, they were dashed along with the hopes of Big Gurls everywhere. There ain't no amount of sparkly dazzle that can save what I believe to be a pair of curtains she found hanging in her guest room. Scarlet O'Hara may have gotten away with it, but I am convinced Rhett was blind or at least had only one good eye.

What is with the leg?
It pains me to write this about my girl, but Angie…what has happened to you? I am seeing "Barbie goes Black" in this picture. It's the only thing that can explain to me the odd position of both her leg and her arm (It even looks like her middle 3 fingers are molded together..just like Barbie). Something tells me that she also had no idea that the cocked leg pose would go on to have such a life of it's own. The inter-webs will grab on to the craziest things.

And now they can grab onto both of them…Brad would!
Now that I am going to a cold dark hell for dissing on Angelina…let's get to my favorite looks of the night.

Ah Penelope…I love your first name!
Depending one which pics you might have seen, this dress was either gray or blue. I'm going to plant myself firmly in the middle and say it's a Bluish Gray. No matter what color it is, I think it's gorgeous! It has a great flow to it, yet it is also tight in all the right places. (Dang, I sounded like a Str8 guy there for a minute)

Ah Gwyneth…I love your first name!
I am soooo glad Gwyneth covered up her, all too muscular/boney, shoulders. In doing so, she made her look one of the sleek classics of the evening. If I had that body, I'd wear that dress too. (Gee look! The str8 guy has left the building)

Now let's talk about the Drag Queen!

Ah Glenn…I love…your dress!
For her age, Glenn Close is just amazing. I do think she removed a rib or 2 to fit into this gown. Something tells me she turned them into a corset. I tried to talk Tod into making a version of this outfit for Abigail and he said, "No way in hell and I doing that!" I don't really blame him, it's an incredibly intricate design. I really like how it was paired with a tuxedo jacket. Something only Glenn Close could pull off on the red carpet.

So that's Oscar Fashion 2012. Thanks to all of the websites I grabbed these pics from. Please don't sue me! What looks were your favorites?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Indy…and I don't mean Jones!

I recently spent some time in Indianapolis for work. I have come to find that Indianapolis is one of the countries most under rated cities. Of course, having just hosted The Super Bowl, I'm sure that may change.

First, let's get the unpleasentries out of the way. I was attacked by this horrible monstrosity!

Sent to the Emergency Room in fact! Fine, ok…I did it to myself, but that horrible rack was an accessory to the crime. See that seemingly innocent central bar? Well it wound up rammed into my chin. Blood everywhere! 

I won't frighten you with the original image of the wound, but here it is all glued up by the ER staff. Yes, don't I look scruffy? I wound up looking even more scruffy because I couldn't shave around the wound.

Ok, enough of the bad stuff. Here is the fun stuff. On our first day there we ate lunch at a wonderful place called The Noodle Company.  As it turns out we wound up eating lunch there every day. They offer some great selections. Noodles and sauces and additives galore! The coolest thing is that you can assemble your own creation from any of the ingredients on their menu. It is a custom orderers delight! You can check out their menu at the link above. What was funny tho, as we exited the restaurant, someone had gotten a little creative outside as well.

Isn't he cute? I imagine that the carrot was originally his nose, but to me it looks more like he's barfing it up. Those creative Indianapolisians!

I got to stay at the brand new J.W. Marriot in Indy. It was built for The Super Bowl. Wasn't even there this time last year when I visited. I was afforded a corner suite and access to the Concierge Level of the hotel. For those of you who haven't experienced a Concierge Level, it's pretty darn cool. It's a lounge that offers breakfast, evening cocktails and food, and then later dessert. I didn't eat dinner out once while I was in town! Here are some of the sweet treats I enjoyed from the lounge.

3 Tier Chocolate Mousse, Apple Tart and a Brownie

For Valentine's Day…Awwwwww

Cookies and Strawberries and Macaroons…Oh My!
So, I didn't lose any weight in Indianapolis, not a ounce! But that's ok, it's winter and I can hide it under sweaters.

On the way home, I got to the airport way earlier than I needed to. What does that mean? Hit the bar! Right by my gate I found a wonderful little bar…too convenient! Here I ordered a Bloody Mary.

Yep, that's a pickle!
I have got to give them points for garnish. Usually it's a piece of celery or a lime wedge and an olive. But this place sunk and entire dill pickle into their drink. It really turned it into breakfast. I think the only way it could have been more of meal would have been to have sunk a piece of bacon and a fried egg in there. It was yummy! I had 3 of them and then slept very nicely on the plane.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Craftaculosity: The RED Basket

I'm Baaaaaack! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I have been traveling quite a bit. But now I am back and once again raising money for charity with a basket I created.

The theme of the party was "RED" for Valentine's Day, I suppose. It was also a benefit for the Frederick County Health Department. I guess you could also think of blood, considering the vast quantities of that they have drawn from me over the years.

This time, instead of creating an actual cocktail recipe for the basket, I went with more of a theme. I provided Vodka and then Pama Liquor and a raspberry liquor. Of course, I also provided glassware. No basket is complete without it.

There is the basket on display at the bar that evening. This one brought in $200 for the event. Again, far more than I ever would have donated on my own…but that is the amount I'll be claiming on my taxes!!!

That being said, I'm always looking for decductions. So if you need a basket to raffle, auction, or even Bingo for your charity, let me know. If it's a charity I'm into I'd be happy to whip one up for you.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Corn. Ok, so not one of my favorite snacks. However, I did find this great new brand while I was in Chicago. Gary Poppins Popcorn!

I am partial to their cheese flavor, but the carmel corn is also good if you like that sort of thing. The greatest part about their popcorn is that the kernels have a huge fluffy "head", is that what they call it? It is also in low on those horrible kernels that are prone to getting stuck in ones teeth.

Like I said, the cheese is my fave!
So, hop on over to their website and order some up. I've already placed my order since what I brought home from Chicago is already gone. Mmmmmmmmmm.