Friday, January 3, 2014

OK...So 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

So, a lot of people are making resolutions, espousing about their upcoming year and generally trying to make themselves out to be some sort of psychic sooth-sayer. Not me!

I have no idea what the upcoming year holds for me...and I'm ok with that. I have never been one to chart or attempt to map out where my future is going.

Chances are, that I probably won't lose anymore weight, quit smoking or quit drinking. These are all things that have become a part of me. Where would all of you be without my food and drink posts? This blog would get pretty boring...real fast!

What I may try to do is travel more, focus more on work and try to stop hitting the Snooze Button so much. I say try, because I doubt very much is going to change. I have spent years getting to where I am in this life, and I like where I am. I like where I am very much.

So, take your best shot 2014, I can handle it!