Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I've Transitioned

Hey folks,

I know it's been a long time since I've posted. That is mostly because I broke down and got on FaceBook. I know...I said forever how FaceBook was the Devil and I would never be part of it, but once I dipped my toe in...I liked it.

For the most part it's just so instant! I can post and people get notified of it and see it and respond to it. I've gotten so much more response than I ever got here.

So, don't expect too much posting here. It's too much work! If you want to find me, you can find me on FaceBook...and those of you that know me, know whom to look for.

So, follow me on over there! It's been a great ride here.

Friday, January 3, 2014

OK...So 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

So, a lot of people are making resolutions, espousing about their upcoming year and generally trying to make themselves out to be some sort of psychic sooth-sayer. Not me!

I have no idea what the upcoming year holds for me...and I'm ok with that. I have never been one to chart or attempt to map out where my future is going.

Chances are, that I probably won't lose anymore weight, quit smoking or quit drinking. These are all things that have become a part of me. Where would all of you be without my food and drink posts? This blog would get pretty boring...real fast!

What I may try to do is travel more, focus more on work and try to stop hitting the Snooze Button so much. I say try, because I doubt very much is going to change. I have spent years getting to where I am in this life, and I like where I am. I like where I am very much.

So, take your best shot 2014, I can handle it!