Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Indy…and I don't mean Jones!

I recently spent some time in Indianapolis for work. I have come to find that Indianapolis is one of the countries most under rated cities. Of course, having just hosted The Super Bowl, I'm sure that may change.

First, let's get the unpleasentries out of the way. I was attacked by this horrible monstrosity!

Sent to the Emergency Room in fact! Fine, ok…I did it to myself, but that horrible rack was an accessory to the crime. See that seemingly innocent central bar? Well it wound up rammed into my chin. Blood everywhere! 

I won't frighten you with the original image of the wound, but here it is all glued up by the ER staff. Yes, don't I look scruffy? I wound up looking even more scruffy because I couldn't shave around the wound.

Ok, enough of the bad stuff. Here is the fun stuff. On our first day there we ate lunch at a wonderful place called The Noodle Company.  As it turns out we wound up eating lunch there every day. They offer some great selections. Noodles and sauces and additives galore! The coolest thing is that you can assemble your own creation from any of the ingredients on their menu. It is a custom orderers delight! You can check out their menu at the link above. What was funny tho, as we exited the restaurant, someone had gotten a little creative outside as well.

Isn't he cute? I imagine that the carrot was originally his nose, but to me it looks more like he's barfing it up. Those creative Indianapolisians!

I got to stay at the brand new J.W. Marriot in Indy. It was built for The Super Bowl. Wasn't even there this time last year when I visited. I was afforded a corner suite and access to the Concierge Level of the hotel. For those of you who haven't experienced a Concierge Level, it's pretty darn cool. It's a lounge that offers breakfast, evening cocktails and food, and then later dessert. I didn't eat dinner out once while I was in town! Here are some of the sweet treats I enjoyed from the lounge.

3 Tier Chocolate Mousse, Apple Tart and a Brownie

For Valentine's Day…Awwwwww

Cookies and Strawberries and Macaroons…Oh My!
So, I didn't lose any weight in Indianapolis, not a ounce! But that's ok, it's winter and I can hide it under sweaters.

On the way home, I got to the airport way earlier than I needed to. What does that mean? Hit the bar! Right by my gate I found a wonderful little bar…too convenient! Here I ordered a Bloody Mary.

Yep, that's a pickle!
I have got to give them points for garnish. Usually it's a piece of celery or a lime wedge and an olive. But this place sunk and entire dill pickle into their drink. It really turned it into breakfast. I think the only way it could have been more of meal would have been to have sunk a piece of bacon and a fried egg in there. It was yummy! I had 3 of them and then slept very nicely on the plane.

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  1. I laughed at this entire posting! The picture of the lanyard stand really got me. I hope you are back to your normal activities of shaving, drinking from straws, etc.