Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So, tonight I was discussing this whole "Blogging" thing with my friend T (yep, that's what I'm gonna call him, for now anyway or at least until I encounter another friend with a first name that begins with T) and he asked what my motivation for wanting, or not wanting to blog is?

The thing is...I'm not sure I have one. I mean, I like to write and people say I'm good at it, but is that enough? I like having people read what I write, if they would. I LOVE having people comment on what I write...will they ever? Will I be able to keep coming up with ideas for posts?

So I don't think it comes down to motivation. I think it comes down to fear. I think that if I start another blog and take the time to put it all out there, that no one is going to read it. Let alone comment on it...which, did I mention, I LOVE!!!

I guess really, I'm waiting for the universe to give me a sign. For someone to say, "Oh would ya just do it already! Quit your whining and start writing."

Well, what do you know...I'm 2 posts in already.

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  1. I believe I have told you to stop your whining and just do it already! Don't get so stressed about it; it's a blog, not rocket science. And remember that patience thing...go out and find yourself followers by becoming a commenter, always leaving your blog address when you comment. It takes time but followers will happen!