Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow! ... Blows!

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Time exposure taken out my back window.'s night. 

Snow and I have always had a love/hate relationship...

I love how clean it makes everything look.
I hate how the salt and cinders spread on the road dirty it up.

I love how it feels falling lightly on my face.
I hate how it feels sliding down the back of my neck.

I love that, because of it, I usually get to work from home.
I hate being cooped up in the house.

I love that it makes me drive slower and appreciate what's around me.
I hate that other people drive like maniacs in it.

I love standing out in it late at night. Everything is so quiet.
I hate the noise the snow plow makes going past my house.

I love that it reminds me that I live in an area with seasons.
I hate that cold seasons make me grumpy.

I love how it sticks to the trees.
I hate how it sticks to my shoes.

I love watching Molly burrow in it.
I hate having to towel her off when she comes inside.

I love watching out the window as The Hubby shovels it.
Hmmm, can't think of a "hate" for that.

How do you feel about snow?


  1. I have to be honest...I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it. It would be fine if snow was warm...but damn, I hate the cold!

  2. I LOVE IT! Can't get enough of it! Last year was a dream come true!

    I love playing in it, walking in it, watching it, and coming in to warm up after being out in it. I love the smell of the air, the crispness of inhaling, the sting of my fingers when making a snowball, and the muffled silence. It's like walking on frozen clouds!

    I love the cold weather. When I'm melting in the humidity of July/August (and whatever other month the heat of hell overtakes the land) I long for winter.

    Of course, I'm also hot blooded. I think I've fastened my coat twice this season. Tod swears when I go through menopause I will spontaneously combust when I get a hot flash. It's only a few years away so I guess I need to start carrying a fire extinguisher!

  3. Tod...since I'm no longer just a letterJanuary 27, 2011 at 8:32 PM

    I would love the snow if it just stayed off the roads. I'm with Kimbre I hate the cold. Let me bake in the heat. Seasons schmeasons, ya only need 2 spring and summer.