Friday, January 21, 2011

I Have A Dream...

Well, I have many dreams. One day I will discuss them all here...maybe. This dream centers around something I do not enjoy. Sushi.

Now before you label me a hater, here me out. I love the presentation of sushi. The colors and the rolls, something about it speaks to me from a design sense. I think it is the texture and the idea that most of it is raw that bothers me. I have found some flash-fried sushi rolls that I have enjoyed immensely.

But sushi got me to thinking. Why can't you have normal everyday American food presented as sushi?

Thus was born my dream...Soo Shee! - American food in a sushi presentation.

To give you an idea what I'm talking about here are some pics of things I've found at other venues, and some things I have created on my own.

This is SooShee Thanksgiving and SooShee Meatloaf & Mashed Taters. I created these for my Shamelessly Self-Promotive Birthday Party. They are bite size entire meals in and of themselves. Stab it, dip it and eat it!

This is Soo Shee Spinach Salad, also one of my creations. My BFF T did a great job arranging them.

These are my Christmas "cookies" for the past 2 years.  Soo Shee Xmas, as I like to call it. They are composed of my Double Gingerbread and pound cake and then drizzled with a lemon glaze. The ladies of the Office Cookie Exchange loved them!

Now these, I did not create, but the second I saw them they gave me wonderful ideas. These were created by the chef at the Dolphin resort in Orlando, FL. I wish I could have had the change to speak to them about my dream, but when I asked it turned out to be their day off. Apparently, I need to get myself a collection of silicon molds to experiment with.

So there you have it. I dream of a world where traditional food items are bite sized and incredibly delicious. For my next tests, I hope to try Soo Shee Mac & Cheese, Soo Shee Eggs Benedict, Soo Shee Pork Roast and perhaps Soo Shee Banana Split. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Oh, and for copyright and patent sake...

Steal my dream...and I'll cut you :-) No really...with a dull knife!


  1. If I had known you were gonna take pictures and post them I would have made sure they were all identical....Sorry :-(

  2. Darling. Soo Shee is not about perfection or assembly line cookie cuttering. Each piece is meant to be an artistic creation of it's own. You did a wonderful job! I wouldn't have posted the picture if I didn't think so

  3. And I must say, your Sooo Shee is yummy!

    And thanks for the description! I love it!!