Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mini Me

I was working at the Consumer Electronic Show last week in Las Vegas where I discovered one of my newest Favorite Things. Those who know me are assuming right now that I mean some wonderful technological innovation that I surely can't live without. But they are wrong.

My newest favorite thing is....

The New Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cup!

Isn't it adorable? These come in packs, no wrapping to deal with, and as far as I'm concerned; Reese's has finally gotten the chocolate to peanut butter ratio perfect! I can't tell you how many of these little suckers I downed during the convention. I imagine my waistline could, but I have struck a deal with it in exchange for it's silence.

The really nice thing about these little devils is that you can pop 2 or 3 in your mouth and be done. No need to eat an entire package of the regular sized ones because you don't want them to go to waste. Gone are the days of unwrapping the miniature version and feeling bad about tossing all those foil wrappers in the trash. A few of the minis is not going to ruin your diet (tho I imagine an entire bag would) and you can sleep at night knowing you aren't contributing to your carbon footprint.

I can't wait to use them in baking. They would also make a great ice cream topper (low fat - no sugar added ice cream, of course). I also have an idea for a Jello Shot using the little buggers. Stay tuned for that one!

---- I think this Favorite Thing...Thing, might become a regular thing. I mean, if Oprah can do it...why can't I? Minus the audience full of screaming fans having small heart attacks.


  1. I did not know about these and now I am excited! I love PB Cups!

    And I find the name of your blog insanely funny because "T" gave me a lot of grief that first summer for calling you that. I had more than one "Stop calling him that!"

  2. I think I will be in love with these mini's too! I think baking with them would be great, but I can't wait for the Jello Shot!

    Favorite things will be great. Not only will we get to know you a little better but it's always cool to find out about new things.