Thursday, January 27, 2011

4 Bottles and Counting

Ever since my friend Kim asked me to save empty wine bottles for a project I have gotten back on my wine kick. So this is a perfect time to talk about My Favorite Wine Ever!

A few years ago I discovered this little gem

The Beaujolais-Villages by Georges DuBeuf. I am a red wine freak. This one encompasses everything I love about a red wine. It's not too dry. It's fruity without being sweet. It doesn't taste like mud, which is often the case with a Merlot.

It also led me to this wine

The Beaujolais Nouveau, provided by the same vintner. Much more fruity and a much lighter taste than it's Villages counterpart.

Both of these wines can be hard to find. They typically come out in October of every year and by the end of February they are gone. So I highly recommend buying them by the case. I typically get 3 cases of each to last me the year and still by July I am trying to account for every last drop of it.

It's the Life of a Lush…don't judge.

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  1. I'm more of a sweet wine person, so I tend to stick to reislings. My favorite is Basignani from Sparks, MD. (I have a tendancy to stick with MD wines because of the wine festival I volunteered at and got in for free!!) I do like any of the Berrywine's that Linganore produces and Boordy is also a favorite. Jazzberry, yummy!