Monday, April 18, 2011

The Stats

Hello everyone!

I've been checking out the stats page for my blog and surprisingly enough, they aren't all big fat zeros! I'm even getting some international traffic! People in Botswana and Moldova are reading Jim, not Mike.

I am also very happy to report that most of the folks viewing my blog are using a Macintosh computer. I greatly appreciate that…Go Mac!!! I know who those of you are who aren't and I'm wagging a finger at you right this very minute.

Just kidding, I don't care how you chose to view my blog and COMMENT (hint, hint), I just love that you do! That anyone does, for that matter.

A great big thank you to Kim and her blog Fitness, God and Musings. Her blog is solely responsible for the largest number of referrals to my blog. Bless her heart. I picture her just sitting there everyday, clicking away to my blog even tho I know that not to be true…I can picture it! But someone is, and that is all that matters. Also, a great big thanks to Laura over at Strat's Garden. She was second runner up in the most referred viewers listing. I really appreciate you both listing me on your blogs and sending readers my way.

I'm approaching the 2000 page views mark…I guess I need to click over more :-) My visits are down a bit since February. Perhaps I need to become a little more controversial? Perhaps I should post on some more general topics that would come up in Google searches more often. We'll see. I will let you know that I am planning a contest/award of some kind when I reach the 5000 views mark. I can't promise that it will a big money prize, but I do guarantee that it will be truly unique and something that only I could provide. So, think about that and ruminate on what it might be that I could be offering a prize for.

Also surprising is that my post asking if I should put ads on the site wins for "Most Page Views". Apparently, 20 people thought that was a hot topic! The Oscar Fashion post came in a close second at 19…but who doesn't love fashion?

What's really funny is that some found my blog by typing "of it was just the naughtiness" into the Google search engine. Seems like an odd combination of words to me, but if it works…I'm into it.

I'm no statistician, but it's fun to look at the graphs and pie charts.

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  1. Okay, the geek in me just really came out. I love the stats and graphs! Can you tell why I've been doing reporting for more than a decade now???