Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding Obligatory Post

I am probably a Bad Gay. I don't really care about the Royal Wedding at all. I don't care what the bride is wearing. I don't care what the carriage looks like. I don't care what celebrities are in attendance. It doesn't even really phase me that this time the groom is reasonably attractive. Like I said, I am a Bad Gay. I can't take the roller coaster ride again. Charles and Diana wore me out…and we all know how that ended! Even if William and Catherine manage somehow to avoid the same pitfalls, I just can't care anymore.

What I do care about is the FOOD! The only internet posting I let myself indulge in on this momentous day, was about the cake and the menu.

That is one magnificent cake! It's not 10 feet tall. It's not ostentatious. It's simple, and while quite large, it's not over powering(I mean, it has to feed 600 people!). What I love is that there are architectural features of the room piped into the decoration on the cake. Details like that are what differentiate a Master Baker from say…The Food Lion Bakery. But if your wedding reception is being held at Buckingham Palace, then to include elements of that magnificent structure into the cake is sheer genius.

Now lets talk about the reception menu. About a week ago I heard that instead of a more traditional sit-down dinner, the palace had decided to go the route of The Canape. I couldn't have been more excited. Given my obvious flair for 2-bite concoctions, I wouldn't wait to see what they came up with.

I don't want to gloat, but either of these could be found at one of my parties. I mean the food, not the chefs. On the left are miniature Yorkshire Puddings and on the right are a lamb concoction of some sort. I'm no huge fan of lamb, I probably would have used pork. I haven't been able to find a listing of the full menu. I imagine that will come to light in a few days.

I don't even know what those are, but they look scrumptious! That is the amazing versatility of The Canape. The combinations are limitless. Not to mention that they're easy. The worst part of coming up with a canape is figuring out the presentation. Very often the elements of the canape can be whipped up days ahead of the party. For both of my "Shamelessly Self-Promotive Birthday Parties" awhile back I toyed with the idea of hiring a caterer. But once I sat down and figured out the menu…all canapes, I knew I could do it myself.

Now, as a Gay, I have helped plan my share of weddings. (Kind of interesting considering I myself can't be legally married in my state…but that's another post) Anyway, I wish more couples would take The Canape Route. No wedding needs a full sit-down dinner or a filling buffet. It's not what you're there for. You are there to celebrate the couple and their new union, not gorge yourself on free food and liquor. (Ok, maybe the liquor. Weddings should ALWAYS have an open bar)

While I don't give a flying fig about the Royal Wedding, I am very glad that they at least got the food right.

UPDATE -- I found the link to the official menu on, of course, The Official Royal Wedding Site


  1. I must agree that the cake is magnificent! I loved the details and that it wasn't a tower. The cake designer said that moving it to the palace without anything breaking was her concern. They, of course, assembled it there.

    Here is the link to the official menu. I had to look up 'bubbles and squeak' since that just sounds like something a drowning mouse would do. At the survivor's breakfast this morning they were having something called a bacon butty, which Anderson Cooper thought was gross.

  2. OMG I can post a of course i have to find something to say...

    Lunchtime Buffet
    Champagne, canapés, smoked salmon, paté, mini sausage rolls, petit fours, mini éclairs, trifle, chocolate and lemon mousse, and a multi-tiered centerpiece wedding cake

    :: Facebook calculated that 2.8million people in Britain and America alone had written status updates about the royal wedding in the 24 hours before the service began.

    :: In the build-up to the service, Twitter users were posting 237 tweets every second about the royal wedding

  3. I didn't care about the wedding or anything to do with it either! Actually the older William gets, the more he looks like his Dad - which isn't a good thing!!