Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At Last Chicago!!! Part Two

I love to eat. Who doesn't know that about me? One thing I love more than eating, or perhaps in congress with eating, is stumbling upon new a wonderful places to do so.

Chicago is a great town for food. Yeah, everyone talks about the pizza. I can't say that's my thing. As far as I'm concerned deep dish pizza is just two days of heartburn waiting to happen. Anyway, on this trip my coworker DeAnn made us all reservation at Hub 51.

Had I been walking down the street and happened upon this restaurant, I probably would have never walked into it. From the outside it leads one to believe that is much more expensive and shi shi than it really is. Inside it's cozy, comfortable, and almost rustic in a modern way.

There were some nice little touches. Almost immediately upon being seated a frosty bottle of filtered water arrives at the table.

The menu is a terrific hodge-podge of items. You can have sushi, a sandwich, or filet mignon. We ate WAY too much food simply because we felt like we had to try a little bit of everything. Their bartender, bless his heart, also was able to fashion the closest thing to a Homemade Mojito that I've ever had without picking the mint myself.

I apologize for not having pictures of the food. We got so caught up in eating it that I completely forgot to grab my camera. Feel free to take a gander at the menu linked above and tell me what you would select.

Once we had stuffed ourselves to the point where I had to loosen my belt…TWICE, the waitress showed up with a piece of Carrot Cake for the table. When I say it was "for the table", I mean it barely fit on the table! What sat in front of us was quite clearly a quarter of a large triple-layer round cake smothered in cream cheese frosting with a mountainous dollop of whipped cream on the side and an even larger scoop of extra icing…"for dipping", she said!!! You could have dipped a small chicken into it and had room for Peeps. Despite how full we already were, we dove fork-first into this cake like a pack of raving Ethiopians. (Yeah, ok…go ahead and give me crap for that metaphor) We didn't finish it. Between the 4 of us there is no way we could have packed away that much cake…AND icing. I mean maybe if we hadn't just eaten dinner? Maybe???

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