Thursday, April 28, 2011

Excitement on the Horizon

Now, I don't want to give away any surprises…but my contractor has been here working all week! I can't wait to show you all what he's been working on!

I started a list around the first of the year. A list of all of the little projects I needed him to work on. Well, once the Tax Money came back I decided to give him a call.

I will give you a hint. He had to have his large lift brought in for some of the work. Hint 2: My water pressure is going to need to be increased in order to be able to use some of the things on the list.

Once he's done, which should be next week. I will have all kinds of Before & After posts to show you. Even the BFF Tod hasn't seen any of these improvements. Tho he is aware of one of the renovations taking place…perhaps a few of them. But he hasn't seen any of them complete. he's far too busy working on the show he's currently involved in.

It's all terribly exciting. I love coming home from work each day to survey what has been completed and what is left to complete. That, and of course take pictures of it all.

So, everyone please wait with breathless antici………….pation!

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