Wednesday, April 13, 2011

At Last Chicago!!! Part Three

I want to break up the food posts. Yes, there is another one coming. This time, however, I actually remembered to photograph the food.

I took this photo my last night in town. The client invited us to a reception at a neighboring hotel and as I was walking back to mine, this was view. Really, the most beautiful city EVER! The way they have managed to mix the old and new architecture, as if by happenstance, just mesmerizes me.

This is a very creative flower arrangement that was gifted to the client.

Those "bows" are leaves of some kind! I am always in the outlook for creative use of materials and this just blew me away. The others thought I was crazy as I stood there and snapped pics of it from every angle imaginable.

I love my job. There are things, even as "simple" as this flower arrangement, that I never would have had the chance to see or experience if I had a desk job here at home.

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