Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thin Air

Hello everyone! I have just returned from "The Mile High City", Denver. Not to be confused with the "Mile High Club", of which I am a member…in case you were wondering. But that is another post.

Denver, from the air. I'd like to take credit for this pic, but alas, I was
asleep up until the moment the plane hit the tarmac.
And by "just returned" I mean it's the wee hours of the morning and my flight landed 4 hours ago. This was just an overnight trip for a site visit. For some reason, being off my 2 hours for a day has torn me up more so than if it'd been a week. Hence why I am still awake.

Denver is a wonderful city. One I wish I traveled to more often. They have a great downtown area with plenty of wonderful places to eat. There is a thriving arts community and an even more thriving (thrivingist?) Gay Community.

One thing they don't have…is air. Being at such a high altitude the air is much thinner there and it takes me a good 3 days to get used to it. So this trip, the headaches and the breathlessness never got a chance to abate. I am convinced this is also the reason you are hard pressed to find an obese person in the population. I have been to Denver at least 7 times in 11 years and I have never seen "Fat Albert" walking down the street. The thinner atmosphere must cause the body to work harder and therefore it creates people of a more fit nature. Seriously! I have seen people who I would place on a footing with myself…not necessarily fit, but not grotesque. I have seen people who needed the help of a wheelchair, but never the help of one of those Rascal Motorized Scooters. Even the gimps in Denver are fit from wheeling themselves around. (Yeah, I'm probably gonna take crap for using the word gimp…oh well)

Most often, the folks you greet on the street are lithe and occasionally muscled. At the very least, there is rarely a gut hanging over the waist of their jeans. Most of those jeans are low-rise…so you would see a gut if it was there. The people there are also very friendly. Almost as friendly as the folks in Chicago.

So, I am forced to equate a thin atmosphere with thin people. Ergo, thin/fit people equals friendly.

Feel free to disagree :-)

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