Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ads…What Do You Think?

So, I have been considering adding ads to my blog. I figure as long as I'm out here doing this, why not try to make a little money at it?

I mean, we run into advertising everywhere. Why not have it here? If you don't want to click on it you don't have to. Of course, I would love if you clicked on them :-)

For me, it's a matter of style. If I do try the ads and I don't like how it makes the blog look, I will probably discontinue them.

What I am interested in regarding this is the opinion of my fellow bloggers. Those of you who view this blog, who are also bloggers, what do you do? Do have ads? If not why? Let me know your opinions in the comments…and thanks!


  1. I never thought I had enough traffic to generate any real money...but I'd be interested in how this works for you. Can you pick the ads you want?

  2. I don't think it works that way. According to what I read, the ads are picked based on what your posts are about. So I am guessing they are tagged to ket words in your posts. I'm guessing I'd get a lot of food ads LOL

  3. I hate the adds that flicker and move because it takes attention away from what I'm trying to read. And the ones that run across the screen drive me nuts.

    And heaven knows what you would end up with. It could be some horrible color that would take away from the sleek look.

  4. Tod...the BFF, moral compass...February 5, 2011 at 3:49 PM

    Just say no to ads!...they are everywhere as it is...

  5. The general consensus has been a big "Hell No" to the ads. So, rest assured there won't be ads…at least for the foreseeable future or until there's some real money to be made off of it.

  6. Well, if you ever try it, I will be happy to have you be the guinea pig!