Friday, February 25, 2011

The Most Beautiful Lantern EVER!

Ok, it's a well known fact that I have a bit of a Lantern Fetish. It all started with a blank wall…doesn't it always? I found a stained glass lantern to hang on it. The poor thing looked so lonely hanging there all by itself. So I bought more lanterns to flank it.Now I have a rather huge collection of lanterns hanging about. You'll see them as I post pictures of the house.

Today I was at Pier One to shop their clearance sections. They have great clearance sections! I found a little square lantern in there for 2 bucks. As I turned around to head to the cash register I gasped, my breath quite literally taken away. What sat in front of me was the most beautiful stained glass lantern I had ever seen. I glanced at the price tag, not that it matters, I would have bought this lantern even if it was $100. It was the only one they had and an item like this is never going to make it to the clearance shelf before someone snatches it up. So snatch I did, and now it gracing the center of my dining room table.

Purdy huh? I can't wait to get a candle into it and see how it looks at night. I think in order to get the full effect of the colors I am going to need to find a frosted glass sheath for the candle to brighten it up a bit. I am toying with the idea of electrifying it. This one has a substantial enough base to do it with. So if anyone out there has added an electrical element to a lantern before, get with me. I don't want to screw this up!

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  1. My jaw dropped and I gasped as well - that is gorgeous! Definately will be the attention getter in your collection.