Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Fashion Post

Since I don't own a television, I didn't witness any of this live. I have only the gossip blog photos to wade through. The reason I didn't get to witness it on TV is because no one I know, and no bar I frequent, hosted an Oscar party. Sacrilege!!!!

Certainly, I know enough gay men that at least one of them should have hosted a party. It is also the job of every gay bar on the planet to host what has come to be known as "The Gay Super Bowl". But enough about that, lets get on to my best, worst and "What were you thinking!" of Oscar fashion.

Jennifer Hudson - Best of the Best

Now this girl can sing. I loved her in Dream Girls. Apparently Weight Watchers does a body good! Being their spokesperson certainly doesn't hurt either. She gets my vote for best dressed and also greatest transformation. It's the perfect color on her and I'm so glad it wasn't the typical gold, red or black that most women wear to the event.

Cate Blanchett - Worst of the Worst

I love her as an actress. She is gorgeous. I just don't understand why she always wears such horrible gowns. I took one look at this and all I saw was a piece of vintage furniture. I also kept waiting for some video to displayed across her chest. 

Sharon Stone - What Were You Thinking!

It's the Bride of Oscarstein! All we need is a bottle of Jack in her hand and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and I think we'd have a more complete picture of what inspired this look. She's no longer a spring chicken, and I applaud the fact that she can still pull herself together enough to head to the grocery store, but how does one look in the mirror and think this looks good one themselves?

Halle Berry - A Not So Honorable Mention

I loved this dress, not to mention the fact that she wears it so well. I loved it until I saw the back.

Now I've heard of blowing smoke up someones ass, but blowing smoke out of your ass??? Was there never a mirror behind her? Never an able bodied assistant to say, "Hey Halle, your butt is smokin…and not in the good way"?

I don't blame the stars. I blame the designers. If JenHud can look that good, then there is no reason for anyone to look bad. I don't know if they have this fashion forced on them by high paying designers, or if they simply never ask a friend, "How do I look"? 

Either way I feel I have every right, as I sit here in my Walmart jeans and t-shirt, to judge the heck out of them!


  1. Cate looked like an old woman's chair. You didn't post Nicole Kidman - I think she would have looked better in the tutu she was afraid her 2 year old would pick out.

    As far as best, I really liked Natalie Portman's. Loved the color and style.

    P.S. I didn't watch...just caught photos today.

  2. See, I don't think Natalie would have gotten away with that look at all had she not been pregnant and up for best actress. I did like the color on her, but I thought the dress was rather unflattering. So I took her out of my running based on her obvious disability.

  3. My best dressed of the evening was Anne Hathaway and who knew she could sing!? Honorable gorgeous mention...Hugh Jackman and I don't give a rat's ass what he is wearing!

  4. Yes, I prefer Hugh be wearing as little as decency will allow.

  5. Hmmmmm...What? No one commented on how handsome Kevin Spacey looked???? Am I the only one that saw that???

  6. Laura, he isn't my type but I did think of you when I saw him. Does that count?