Friday, May 4, 2012

Easter Bunny Flop

Do not try this at home. Let me perfect it first, then you can try it. Many people are aware of my aversion to onions. I don't really hate them, but I hate their effect on me. They make me burp...a lot! Not only do they make me burp, but those burps burn. I have been kept up entire nights by onions and no tummy remedy seems to help.

While in State College at The Hubby's family for Xmas I adored his stepmom's Green Bean Casserole. It was so yummy I had 3 helpings. On the third I bemoaned how miserable it was going to make me later because of the French Fried Onions. She turned to me, and in the most matter-of-fact tone said, "There aren't any onions in that." Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. I just stood there alternating my gaze between her and what I was sure was the "Evil Onion Topping", aghast that Green Bean Casserole could possibly be made without French Fried Onions.  I said, "Well if there are no onions, what is that deliciously crispy topping?" "Sautéed bread crumbs", she replied as if the entire world made their Green Bean Casserole that way. Of course, I took all of the leftovers home. Yes, I can be terribly selfish. Ask anyone I know!

Fast forward to Easter at my mother's house. Actually, it was the week after Easter. My family never manages to celebrate holiday's on their actual's our dysfunction. (Perhaps one of many) My mom requested that I bring this fabled Green Been Casserole to dinner. Yikes! So I had The Hubby call his stepmom to ask how they were made. No help! I got, "Brown the bread crumbs in butter till they are crunchy". So, I got a lot of butter and bread crumbs.

Look at all that delicious butter!
Now, let me admit...I did cut a corner. In hindsight it was one of 2 corners that I probably shouldn't have cut. I used store-bought bread crumbs instead of ripping up my own bread...come to find out that is what his stepmom does. Alas, I figured bread crumbs were bread crumbs. What I wound with was this.

Brown, crispy, edible SAND!
I pushed forward tho. I got out my frozen green the classic recipe called for, my second poor decision. My mother uses canned green beans, because they are already tender. I would have needed to bake this 2 hours to get those frozen beans as tender. Anyway, I mixed them with my mushroom soup and some cream of celery soup (another internet suggestion I should have ignored) and popped it all in the oven thinking, "It'll be ok...everything will crust up just fine. 

I don't have an after pic, I was too ashamed to take one. Flop, Flop, Flop! Luckily, everyone tried it and were gracious enough not to say a word about how horrible it was. That's family for ya! But, no one wanted any of the leftovers...not even me! 

On an up note, my sister...whom I would never call creative, or whimsical, or even feminine for that matter, brought the cutest platter of deviled eggs. I was rather impressed and it made me feel even worse about my dish. Now THAT is what family is for.

Isn't that just adorable!
She had an egg that cracked funny when she was peeling them and instead of throwing it away...she made it the center piece. Now that is something I would usually do! I guess I was just off my game this time around.

I pledge tho, to get this No Onion Green Bean Casserole perfected. One day you may be eating it as an appetizer at one of my parties! That, and I'll be able to write a proud blog post about it!

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