Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Cuban, and I Don't Mean the Cigar

Many years ago I became fascinated with Cuba. I was in Miami for work and at a delightful little cafe on the beach. I don't remember the name of it, I didn't keep the best notes back then. Anyway, on the menu was the Cubano Sandwich. Pork, ham, pickles, mustard and swiss cheese...heaven on a pressed bun! I have been obsessed with finding the perfect one ever since.

I have tried them everywhere. Any time I am on a trip and find it on the menu, I order it. Needless to say, I have sampled some very good and some very bad. One used pressed processed pork...YUCK! I sent that one back and ordered something else while at the same time informing the Chef that pressed pork is a "No No" in the Cubano world.

Cut to my own little town of Frederick and the cuban restaurant Sabor De Cuba. One of my coworkers and I tried it out a few weeks ago. Here is my Cubano Sandwich.

So the sandwich was good. It wasn't the best that I've had so far. The pork was sliced a little too thick for my tastes. However, the mixture of ingredients was pretty darned near perfect. With each bite, you got a good sampling of all the flavors.

I am beginning to think that I will have to travel to Cuba to actually find the perfect Cubano Sandwich. Would someone please lift the embargo to make my travel easier!?!?!?

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