Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer is Here!

That means a lot of different things to many people. To me it means that the A/C units are in the windows, the tanning chaise is in the back yard, and it's almost time for the first Mojito of the season.

I took the week off from work and centered it right over the Memorial Day weekend. The Hubby and the pup headed up to see his family in State College, so here I am, a bachelor for the weekend. What to do? What to do? It's funny how when you have all the time in a day to do whatever you want, just how hard it is to choose what to do. Should I hit the "Chores List"? Run some Errands? Surf the web? Tan? Almost makes me yearn for the typical daily grind to structure my day...almost.

So I've got some errands to run today. Then I have Aslun's House Warming Party on Saturday. Sunday, my house is getting cleaned in time for the Retirement Party I'm hosting here next Friday. On Monday, I am hosting a small Memorial Day Cookout where the new smoker is going to get it's trial run. That should make for an interesting blog post. While I smoke on a daily basis, I've never taken a crack at the type used for smoking meats.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone. Let me know what you've got planned in the comments below!

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