Thursday, May 31, 2012

Images That Make My Heart Smile

The other day I walked into the Sanctuary to find The Hubby and The Pup napping together. Don't get me wrong, they do this all the time. But for some reason this image made me pause and snap a pic.

Yes, the Dog Bed is a double. Spoiled...YES!
A lot of things get me about this pic. First of which is just how much space Molly is taking up. The poor Hubby is almost being pushed off the bed! I also like how they are laying opposite of each other in virtually the same pose. I also don't know why The Hubby leaves his glasses on to nap? I also love how the computer and phone are close by...wouldn't want to miss a call or an email!

There they loves!

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  1. This kind of post makes my heart smile. :)