Monday, November 7, 2011

Sir-Mix-A-Lush: The Poison Apple

The Halloween Party may have been a bust, but the Official Party Cocktail was not! I had to drink something while I agonized over canceling the party…didn't I?

I give you…The Poisoned Apple! I'd be lying if I told you the inspiration didn't come from my new favorite TV show Once Upon a Time.

On The Rocks. Creepy apple, huh?

I love how the apple "Bleeds" into the drink
It's really simple to make. The garnish is the hardest part and best if prepared a day early. I found some VERY firm Gala Apples at the grocery store. Using my mandolin I sliced them VERY thinly making sure to preserve the apple shape in the slices. I laid the slices evenly in a container I could seal and fit in my fridge and then covered them in pomegranate juice (VERY RED). Into the fridge they went for a day. The next day I drained off most of the juice, leaving just a little in the bottom for the apples to "drink up.

Now for the cocktail itself…

The Poisoned Apple (On The Rocks Version)
          2oz   Absolut Orient Apple Vodka
          2oz   Spiced Apple Cider
                   Ginger Ale

          Fill a Rocks Glass with ice and pour in the vodka and apple cider. 
          Top with ginger ale and stir.
          Garnish with one of "Poisoned" apples by sliding it down the edge 
          of the glass.

The Poisoned Apple (Up Version)
          Same ingredients

          Chill a martini glass. In a cocktail shaker with ice, add the vodka
          and the apple cider. Shake vigorously. Strain into martini glass
          Garnish by floating the "Poisoned" apple on top. Top off the 
          cocktail with ginger ale. This really makes the apple "bleed".

Now if you don't have any of the Oriental Apple Vodka, first I would ask, "Why the hell don't you?" and then I would suggest using unflavored vodka and increasing the spiced cider by and ounce or so. Also, if you can't find spiced apple cider, you can spice your own. I had to. I bought regular everyday apple cider (we have some wonderful orchards around here where I can get it fresh) and you can get mulling spices in tea bag form. I simply dunked the tea bags into the cider jug for a day and BAM! spiced apple cider! Who knew it could be so easy?

The cocktail itself (even without the "Poisoned" apple) is a delightful fall sipper. I plan to also try it as a warm drink by heating up the apple cider and then adding the vodka to it. YUM!!!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think of it.

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