Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NY NY It's a Hell of a…Sink?

For the past 3 days I have been in The Big Apple for work. Nothing exciting to report in regards to the trip…it was a one day affair, "Set it up, tear it down" sort of thing. What was rather nice is the hotel I was staying in. The Hotel Gansevoort Park Avenue (yes, you have to specify, because there are 2 of them. I went to the wrong one first. It's in the Meatpacking District and also very nice and a lot closer to all of the stuff I wanted to do while I was there, but I'm not bitter…much) is an amazing boutique hotel.

"Boutique", that's a fashionable way of saying the rooms are spectacularly decorated, but pretty darn small and a tiny 2 ounce bottle of Rum is gonna cost you $10. (But I needz my rum!)

Of course it also means you are treated to a certain level of opulence. Here is what my (small) room looked like.

Don't be fooled, I could barely walk between the chair and the bed.
You also tend to get a nice selection of toiletries. No Bath & Bodyworks stuff here!

Not to mention how delightfully they are displayed.
On to the sink…(I didn't forget the title of the post)

TOTALLY OUT OF PROPORTION! I couldn't comfortably walk around my room, but I could fit both of my legs into the sink (go on, try wiping that visual image out of your head). What is up with that? I mean, that could be a baby coffin for all I know! Despite being that huge, it was still possible to splash water out of it while rinsing your face.

It's a true testament to the fact that the designer didn't "live" in the space before submitting it. No one needs a sink that large! Just wasted space…they could have put in a smaller sink and thereby given the bedroom more space. Why does no one consult me on such matters? The world (or at least this hotel) would be a better place if they did!

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