Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ok Married Couples

I am curious. How do you handle your finances. I don't need details. I certainly don't want actual figures. But I'm curious…as an unmarried gay male in a long term live-in relationship…how do you do it? Is everything split 50/50? Is there a joint account for bills? Is there a separate saving for home/vacation/fun?

For the longest time I've handled everything financial in regards to our relationship. That's changed now and we have different accounts. So I'm hoping you can give me some insight as to how you handle it.

Leave your experiences and tips/hints/tricks in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Married for a little over a year...
    We joined our finances partially when we got married. We have a joint account that gets about 75% of each of our paychecks and the remaining 25% is our personal money. All the accounts are linked so funds can be transferred at any time. All joint bills, mortgage, insurance and loans are paid from the joint account. If someone wants a new video game they buy it with their personal money so the wife has enough moeny to take care of the truly important stuff. Good luck!

  2. I might ditch you for a cigarette break, but I will ALWAYS post. :)

  3. We have 2 accounts and pretty much split 50/50 - I pay everything and he gives me a check for his half.

  4. When we married almost 14 years ago (wow, we are getting old!), we combined our finances. It's not mine or his, it's ours. We get a weekly 'allowance' to blow on what we want. Larger purchases are discussed before we make them so we don't run short and we try to make it equal that one time he chooses and the next time I do.