Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cafe Tu Tu Tango

I was recently in Orlando, FL for work and had the opportunity to eat at my favorite restaurant there…and drag my coworkers along with me. Cafe Tu Tu Tango is nestled in between all of the tourist traps on International Drive in Orlando. I was sure that it too was a chain of 100's of restaurants all over the country, but NO! It is a one of a kind gem, just the sort of restaurants I enjoy finding.

Yes, it's all bright colors!
The thing that makes Cafe Tu Tu Tango amazing isn't just the food. They bring in local artists who not only sell their completed wares, but create them right there. The night we were there 2 painters we at their easels and a jewelry designer was in the house. In addition, every piece of art in the restaurant is for sale. I saw some amazing pottery I would have loved to get if I'd had a way to get it home safely. Eating and shopping, 2 of my favorite past-times under one roof!

The food is  best described as Tapas. It's small plates, but is not your usual Spanish Tapas. In addition to the regular menu (which I highly suggest you peruse) the chef creates weekly specials that are out of this world delicious.

My dinner, I forgot to take a pic of my dessert.
I had the Southwest Chicken Flat Bread and the Pork Medallions. One of my coworkers got the short ribs and another got the Black Bean Soup, which I have had and can tell you is out of this world amazing. She liked it so much she ordered a second cup! For dessert I got the Cheesecake Pops. They take incredibly rich cheesecake, cut it into triangles and dip it in chocolate, then chill it and stick it on a lollipop stick. Every bite is a cold lesson in decadence.

So, if you find yourself in Orlando having a Disney or Universal lobotomy. Take the time to stray from the parks and seek out this little gem of a restaurant. They don't take reservations, but I requested "Preferred Seating" through OpenTable and the 5 of us were seated within 5 minutes of arriving at the restaurant.

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