Sunday, November 20, 2011

Craftaculosity: Baskets for Charity

Ask almost anyone I know and they will tell you that I am not the most charitable person to walk the face of the Earth. They wouldn't be lying either. I don't give money to the homeless, I refuse to donate canned goods, and I will never "Adopt-A-Family".  There are however a few causes I feel passionately about. I am a sucker for HIV/AIDS charities and I will always support the local Humane Society. My other passion is that supporting these causes doesn't have to come in the form of a check. I have chosen to use my many talents to help the organizations I choose to assist and in doing so have raised more money for these charities than I would ever have written a personal check for.

I've taken all of my favorite things (alcohol, shopping, and artistic arrangement/graphic design) and combined them in such a way that they make money for charities. I encourage everyone reading this blog to do the same. It's easy to write a measly check to an organization. Why not take a little time and combine what you love into something that can help the charity you love.

I make Cocktail Configuration Collaborations(Yep, that's what I'm calling them and I'm stickin with it!). The 2 most recent were for a Humane Society Benefit at our local Gay Bar. I assembled 2 pet themed baskets around 2 pet themed cocktails. Each basket contained everything (including the glassware) needed to create each cocktail. And if you didn't want to make that cocktail the recipient could have kept the glassware and booze and mixed whatever they wanted.

The Black Cat. Aren't those little ears precious?

The Love Birds. Look close the basket is made of newspaper (think about it)
I'm not going to post the recipes for these cocktails here since I didn't come up with them. But for a small outpouring of cash on my part (each basket maybe cost me $30 and Tod provided me the feathers and some furry fabric "Thanks Tod!") they were raffled to raise $300 bucks for the local Humane Society. I never would have written that check! 

So, with the Holiday's coming up and every charitable organization imaginable coming out of the woodwork to beg for your money, maybe it's time to think outside the checkbook as to what talents of yours can provide an even bigger return to your favorite charity.

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