Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Halloween Party That Wasn't

Many of you may know that much of the East Coast was blanketed with snow over Halloween weekend. We didn't miss out on it here in Maryland, that's for sure! My Halloween Party (Dress the F*ck Up! was the theme) was scheduled for Saturday. 

Come Friday, once it seemed certain that we were going to get the snow they were calling for, I almost canceled it. Instead I opted for a "Wait and see" approach. Well, we woke up on Saturday to 5 inches of snow already on the ground and more on the way. So, I was forced to do something I have almost never done…send out a cancelation email. I think most people took it for granted that the party wasn't happening. I didn't want to risk anyone trying to get here in the snow. Also, the snow brought down one of the trees at the end of my street so it would have been more difficult to get here.

With the party canceled, The Hubby and I didn't want to waste our costumes. So Tod came over and picked us up in his Durango and we ventured out to The Lodge for their yearly Halloween event. No one does Halloween like the Gays! It's our High Holiday. It was fun, and I was surprised by the huge crowd of people who braved the weather and many fallen trees to get there.

Come Sunday, the snow was mostly gone and here I was, sitting at home with a house full of Party Food. So I called my folks and some other friends and had them over to eat. About 10 people showed up in costume…bless their hearts!

So here is the food spread from the evening. 

Ghoulish, No?

Aside from the usual chips and dips (yes, that is Salsa in the skull…BRAINS!), The Hubby made his Creepy Spider Cookies (Chow Mien Noodles covered in chocolate and butterscotch chips). There are Boogers on a Stick standing up in the glasses (Pretzel sticks dipped in colored Cheese Whiz). I also made my Frequently Requested Meatballs (Meatballs in an Alfredo/Sun-Dried Tomato sauce) and my Puke Dip (Ground Beef, Rotel Tomatoes, and Velveeta Cheese all melted up).

I had a few other ideas for the menu, but once the snow hit I scrapped them. They were a little more high maintenance and so now I'll just save them for next years party. Make sure you're on the guest list!

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  1. I had a great time and the food was really tasty. Molly loved the dip too! :)