Friday, September 2, 2011

We All Scream!

Hello everyone. Happy Labor Day!!!

In honor of the long weekend I have one more picture from the beach vacation to share. Thanks to Tod for finally getting it to me off his phone. And thanks to me for helping him do that :-)

Perfection in a cup!
Here is my favorite treat from the beach. Soft-Serve ice cream from the delightful little gay-owned ice cream shop around the corner. You can't really tell scale in this photo, but this is what they call a "Sissy Cup". Basically, it is the perfect tiny sized cup of ice cream.

I never feel the least bit guilty having a Sissy Cup after a delightful mean in Rehoboth Beach. No one should!

Have a great long weekend. The German is arriving tomorrow and I doubt I'll have anything to post until after the Holiday. Be well.

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