Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Great Space Coaster!

Ok, I can't take credit for this one. My BFF Tod introduced this to me. I have been looking for the perfect coaster for quite a long time now. I have tried wood ones, stone ones, plastic ones, metal ones, and nothing worked. I always wound up with more condensation from the glass than the coaster could handle. That always led to a watery mess on my desk. So, I found this at Tod's house.

My coaster progression. Metal, stone, to felt and foam!
These are those pads you buy to slide heavy furniture on smooth floors. I found mine at Ace Hardware, but lots of places have them. It's really the perfect coaster.

They are firm, so they have no problem holding the glass. The felt soaks up all of the condensation on the glass. The foam base keeps my desk dry. Perfect!

My cocktails have never been happier, nor have I!

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