Friday, September 9, 2011

Nobody Knows the Carbs That I've Seen...

…Nobody Knows The Sorrow!

OK, so it's been 4 days of little or no carbs. By "Little or No" I mean less than 5 grams of carbs a day. It hasn't been too terrible. I will also thank myself in 2 weeks while I am bound and corseted.

I came home on Tuesday evening and extricated all of the high carb food The German Host Mother had prepared. Thankfully they took the cheesecake with them to PA. I think tears might have been involved had I been forced to throw it out. I figured, they are gone for a week. No leftovers are going to still be good by the time they return.

I went to the grocery store and bought eggs, bacon, sausage crumbles, chicken, pork, milk (for my protein shakes) and returned home to fashion it all into pre-made meals that all I would have to do is nuke. I fried up the bacon, all the while Molly sat at the stove expecting a piece of it to commit suicide over the edge of the pan…didn't happen. Once the bacon was done, I emptied all but a tiny bit of it's delicious grease out of the pan and proceeded to scramble a dozen eggs. To those I added a can of Rotel tomatoes, the sausage crumbles and a little bit of shredded cheese I had in the fridge. Once finished I divided my breakfast concoction into 4 equal servings and placed 2 pieces of bacon with each. They nuked up great at work, the bacon got all crispy, just like I like it. My coworkers were a little jealous of the breakfast smell coming from my pod.

Once I had breakfast out of the way I moved onto my lunch and dinner combinations. I sliced the pork and chicken into thin slices and threw them each into a frying pan. Out of my "Pantry of Wonder" I took a bottle of Romano Cheese Caesar Salad Dressing and a bottle of Sun-dried Tomato Salad Dressing. The pork got the Caesar and the chicken got the Tomato. I let them sauté and cook for a good long time to tenderize. My house smelled sooooooo good. Molly will testify. As the cooking time ended I added a generous dollop of sour cream to the pork and sizable handfull of fresh basil to the chicken…NUMMY! I had some of the pork for dinner than night. NUMMY NUMMY!!!! The rest was equally divided up and I added some sautéed spinach and some sautéed asparagus to each. No carbing does not mean no veggies!

That lasted me all week. I had the last "breakfast" for lunch today since I woke up late. Tonight I think I am going to fashion my own Mushroom & Swiss Burger and see if I can match the ones at Hardee's. No bread or bun, of course. A burger becomes so classy when you have to eat it with a knife and fork. I pretend it's a fine steak.

So…I know what you're thinking. "Don't you go to Texas tomorrow? How will you ever manage to continue this No Carbing while there???" Well, let me tell you, it's not as hard as one might think. No Carbing on the road is a simple matter of no potatoes, no bread, no pasta…and no dessert. So, when I get my breakfast sandwich in the morning, I simply peel off whatever bread is on it and grab a knife and fork. At lunch, the same goes for whatever sandwich I might choose. Dinner can be trickier simply because some places are soooooo against substitution. I typically will just order 2 veggies with my protein instead of something like a baked potato or fries. Surprisingly, my past few trips, I have started to notice a trend in some restaurants. They actually specify lower carb options on their menus. One place had what they called a "Naked Burger" and "Naked Chicken" with no bun but all the low carb toppings you could stack on it.

As the nation starts to realize that bad carbs really are the problem, I think we will see more and more options for less of them when dining out. I have to say the hardest thing that past few days is that I notice carbs EVERYWHERE! In places I never even noticed before. There are honey buns in the vending machine at work! Who knew? I didn't, I've never payed attention to honey buns. The Hubby hasn't touched one cookie out of the ones I bought him at the grocery store. In the past I only noticed if the container was empty…meant I needed to buy more. I took note of the price of potatoes at the store the other night. I rarely take note of anything like that.

It's like they're calling to me…"Jimmmmm, EAT ME!!!". It might make me sad, but I will be strong!

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