Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well, I just returned from Texas. Let me tell you…not everything is bigger in Texas! (Interpret that in whatever way you may like)

What is most amazing is that after 4 months of owning my brand new car, I have finally reached it's optimum fuel economy. Here is the proof! It happened today on the way back from the airport in DC.

Look at that 28 mpg! Exactly what was on the sticker. I had been told that it can take some engine use in order to achieve that mark. I just had no idea it would take 4 months!

What's unrelated and funny is that I keep getting notifications that it is time for my 5000 mile scheduled maintenance. Well at 3832 miles, I am no where near it. Apparently,  Toyota doesn't realize how much time my car spends parked in an airport parking lot!

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