Monday, July 25, 2011

The Beach Beckons

I suppose I should clarify that title. For me, going to the beach isn't about surf and sand. In fact, there is a chance I may not even see the ocean while I'm there. That is how perfect a vacation it is for me. Tod, Scott and I are off to Rehoboth Beach, DE on Thursday, our annual pilgrimage.

We stay at the delightful Cabana Gardens Guest House, a mere 3 blocks from the ocean. Yes, that close and I may still never step onto the sand. I will be perfectly content to lay by the pool sipping cocktails enjoying the sun and the fact that there is nothing of importance that I have to do.

We eat, shop and drink. Maybe I should have put drink first. Each of us packs his own bar for the trip. Scott brings his vodkas. Tod, his cranberry martinis. I pack the Mojito fixins…and off we go! The beauty of it is that we really don't do anything we don't feel like doing. To me that is a vacation. Our day to day lives are filled with so many thing that have to be done…for me, a vacation is about doing nothing.

Of course we do wind up doing things. That is where the eating and shopping comes in. But still, not if we don't want to. We have discovered many wonderful restaurants in Rehoboth. Hopefully this year we will find some new ones.

Posting may be light while I'm away. The laptop is coming with me, so who knows…maybe while I am doing nothing at the pool, I'll post about it. That or perhaps what shenanigans we were all up to the night before.

It's vacation time…and I am outta here!

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  1. Have lots of fun and I'm extremely jealous! I still have to the end of August until I get to Myrtle Beach...but I actually do sit on the beach in the morning; the pool in the afternoon; then whatever. We just like to relax as well.