Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cookography -- Inside Out Cucumber Sandwiches

Let's start the parade of Party Food with my favorite...The Inside Out Cucumber Sandwich. This, and all, of the "fun" food I'm going to be showing you over the next few days was all part of the "Centennial Celebration" that I threw to honor the 50th birthdays of my BFF's Scott and Tod. It was a weekend long series of parties (something I will never so again) culminating with the Sunday Tea.

Lined up like little soldiers
It's not very often that I have a vision of a menu item and then have it turn out exactly as I saw it in my head. This time it did.

These little guys were very popular at the party and were quite easy to assemble too. All I did was cube up some sturdy bread, slice some cucumbers thinly with my mandolin, then buttered 2 opposite sides of the bread and "pasted" the cucumbers to the buttered sides. I added the tooth pick as an after thought, thinking it'd just be easier to pick them up with.

Next time: The cucumber might need to be a little thicker, or the bread a little larger because by the end of the evening, all the of cucumbers had drooped and were flopping over. The other thought would be to keep a tray on backup in the fridge so the butter doesn't become soft. Everyone had eaten their fill by that point, so I really didn't care.

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