Friday, July 15, 2011

Cookography -- Scones

What proper tea would be complete without scones? None, I tell you! Scones are not that difficult to make. Well, perhaps I should say they don't require a lot of ingredients. Flour, sugar, butter, buttermilk (which is really gross stuff), and then any additives you wish to include. I made a plain batch which I dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

I also whipped up a chocolate chip version

And last, but not least, a lemon ginger scone.

The trick with scones is that you can't use a mixer. It's all done by hand…literally! The most difficult part is incorporating the butter into the dry ingredients. You pretty much shove your hand into the mix and just keep rolling the butter between your fingers until eventually you wind up with a mixture that looks like small crumbs. I have to tell you, after 3 batches, I had a heck of a hand cramp!

The scones were all well received by the guests. I got a "thumbs up" from the Brit, and if I can impress a british man with my scones, that's saying something. To top the scones I provided clotted cream (not as tasty as it looks), strawberry jam (yummy!), lemon curd (which I did not make myself) and a dark chocolate cream.

I still have a lot of the ingredients left over, so I will probably be "Sconing" again. Maybe I'll make some to take to the beach? The folks at the continental breakfast will be sooooo jealous.

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  1. Yes the Brit has only postive things to say about the scones..Nice Job Sir.