Sunday, July 24, 2011

Centennial Party Wrap Up

By now you have seen all the detail of the party, I might have left a few things out, so here is the wrap up. Since presentation is everything, I thought I would show you how the table looked as a whole.

So pretty! In the background you can see all of my grandmothers tea cups lined up and ready to be filled. Thank heavens no one broke any of them. I would have cried. Next to them are the 2 different teas I served and then the scones and the scone fixins bar.

There are 2 items on the table I neglected to mention in separate posts. I cut up some fresh strawberries (well Tod cut them up) and then whipped up a mixture of Mascarpone cheese, sugar and whipping cream for them to be dipped in…delish! Also, the items that look yellow…that is Curried Chicken Salad which I bought from my local Amish Butcher and then added my "India-Spice of the Year" to. In case your wondering, I create a spice mixture every year for Christmas…this year was India. It was quite a hit, even though Scott thought at first that I was adding way to much. Turned out so perfect that he took the leftovers home.

I also usually create a themed cocktail for my parties. I didn't this time, however one emerged. The "Mint Julepish".

The Hubby is a fan of Bourbon. and since I already had the fixins for Mojitos, when he asked for a Mint Julep…"That was easy!" The only ingredient I lacked was club soda. So, in the vein of my Mojitos, I used Tonic Water instead and it gave the drink a delightful little tang. People were ordering them left and right. Which means I had The Hubby on my left and Wolfsville John on my right LOL

I think that is it for the party posts. I hope everyone who came had a delightful time and that everyone who didn't come is jealous that they weren't invited or sorry now that they didn't show up.

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  1. I knew the digging wasn't over... yet. Anything else you want to say to make me feel bad?