Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where To Begin...

The vacation was so wonderful that I don't even feel like getting back to blogging. So, I 'm floundering…I just don't know what to start with. So let's start with a hottie

I don't know who he is. Quite frankly I don't care. I'm just glad I've learned to take pics with my phone in such a way that people don't know I'm taking their picture. But he is reason #3 that I go to the beach in the first place.

Here is reason #1. The Cabana Gardens Guest House

Opps, another Hottie, how'd he get in there. Again, who cares. This is the pool area of the guest house and is where me and boys spend most of our time. Remember, I'm not a sand and surf kind of guy. We even bring our own decor for our upper terrace level

Thank you Tod for picking up the Paper Lanterns. They really add a festive glow to the upper deck, or the Ledo Deck as I like to call it. Here is a shot of the area at night.

Just adorable. Not to mention relaxing and FABULOUS! Speaking of fabulous…here is a Mojito by the pool

I know, you thought you were gonna see me in a Speedo drinking it. Sorry to disappoint. Here is one other drink related picture. Ice attacked Tod's drink in the cooler

I think the ice cubes wanted a sip. So there is the first beach post. Oh, I almost forgot my #2 reason for going to the beach! That'll be in the next post.

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  1. I cannot wait to hear about reason #2, but why do you call it the beach if you aren't ever on the beach?? I know you see it when you go, but technically you are going to Rehobeth's best Guest House.