Monday, August 15, 2011

I've Said it Before...

…and I'll say it again. Women! Hold on to your men!!!

I run into posts like these all of the time online. (Parts have been blurred to protect the NOT SO innocent)

Here we have a "hetero" married man on a gay hook up site looking for sex. Supposedly because his wife has stopped "Putting Out". Seriously, hetero? He is showing off his bum on a gay sex site! How far would your heterosexuality have to slip before you started looking on gay sites for sex. I know my "Gay" would have to slip pretty darn far before you'd find me trolling for a lady friend to bed.

Straight women have no idea how often this happens. I tell my girlfriends about it and the resounding response is always, "Well not my husband!". Well, I hate to break it to you girls, but it is your husband more often than you ever realize. That, or it's your best friends husband, or your best friends best friends husband. It's like a frickin Herbal Essence commercial!!!

The typical response I get from most of these guys is "Hey, I'm not having sex with another woman…so I'm not cheating." I have a feeling that their wives might disagree. Hell, I disagree and I'm certainly not their wife!

So, quite simply ladies…don't ever stop having sex with your husband. It's that simple. Have sex with him till he can't take it anymore. Have sex with him until he doesn't have a drop of strength left to go and find it anywhere else. Cause if you don't, he's probably going to come looking for me or one of my friends!

Because, "That's not cheating."

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