Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Running On Empty

I've had a horrible time coming up with blog posting ideas this week. So I am resorting to a second look at the stats my blog is generating.

Visits to the site have been really up and down for the last month. Keep in mind I remove my visits to the site from the data. So this is all traffic my other folks. I wouldn't want to purposely skew the data.

The post that received the most views this month was "Mine Mine Mine, It's Mine!". The post all bout my new car purchase. Strangely enough, it was the posting about my new favorite frozen dinner,  that came in second. After those 2, things leveled out. It lets me know that my viewership likes posts about cars and food.

Kim isn't going to be happy about this. Her blog is not my highest referrer this time around. In fact, she isn't even in the top 3 this time! I attribute this to the fact that she isn't posting very often anymore. This month's top referrer is (drum roll please) Weight Loss, Jabber & What Not (thunderous applause!). Thanks Laura, I appreciate the traffic and want all of my readers to click over to her blog…right now! Ok, wait till you're done reading my post first.

Aside from the US, my next top locations for viewing this time around are Germany and Canada. I also got a few views from Thailand and Singapore. Welcome to my friends from the Far East.

I am fast approaching the 3000 page views mark. How exciting! Thank you all for continuing to read and comment. But, as always, comment more!


  1. I didn't mean to skew your numbers, but I checked the site 4 times today hoping for an update. I guess I was pretty bored at work... I will start checking in the morning and not worrying about the middle of the day. Are my comments good enough???? Would you like them to include something else? I don't know what the 'else' would be.

  2. Oh, I am ok with that sort of skew. You're a Commenting Wonder darling, don't ever think less of yourself.