Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hello from Las Vegas everyone! What a hellish morning I had! First I had to wake up at 2:15am in order to make it to the airport for my flight. Then I was seated next to "excited" children for both of my flights which means I got no sleep on the way here. I did comment to the one Dad who was at least trying to keep his kid under control that, "A half dose of Nyquil would work wonders next time."

So, once I checked into the hotel, I got some lunch and then laid down for a nap. I was woken from my nap by The Hubby. Apparently one of the A/C units at home had cut out during the day and I was supposed to be able to fix it from the other side of the country. Yes, I snapped at him on the phone about at least being able to take care of the house while I was away without my intervention...but all is well now. We have both apologized for being crappy to each other.

Two things I need to talk about from here at The Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Number one is this area of the pool they have that is supposedly "European Bathing". What I have found this means is that ladies are allowed to go topless. Not that any lady I know would ever go topless! How it works is that girls get in for free and men then have to pay $30 to go in. So the guys are paying $30 to see titties. When I headed out to the pool to eat my lunch the "concierge" or guy who checks my room key to make sure I'm staying at the hotel, asks..."Will you be visiting the European Bathing Area?". I said, "No...titties aren't really my thing." He chuckled, I am 99% sure he was "Family" The resorts pool area is beautiful. Here is the view I have of it from my room.

There were plenty of hotties to look at while I strolled around looking for a place to eat my lunch. Of course, there were also plenty of non-hotties and children to deal with too.

My other topic I need to hit on is chaffing. I have complained many times about the lack of humidity here in this city...I think mainly on Kim's blog, but really! It's just horrible! There are parts of me rubbing raw that I don't even want to talk about. I'm also sure that you don't want to hear me talk about them. Usually I make it a few days before this becomes a problem. Maybe it's the time of year? Who Knows! All I know is that I am going to be going through a slew of powder and lotion before I am done with this trip.

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