Tuesday, June 28, 2011


OK, I'll admit it…I'm a Gleek. I love the show. No matter how thin the plots can sometimes be. No matter how horrible I think some of the musical numbers are. No matter how big Will's hair gets or how far Sue's venom spits. I love it, and I'm not ashamed to say so.

It's gone until the fall, and I have a new love. I'm such a TV slut! LOL

Again, everyone knows how much I hate reality television, but this competition show is one I can get behind. It airs on the Oxygen network which I know not a lot of people have. If you do, I highly recommend it.

They are in the process of picking the next star of Glee. How could that go wrong? 12 finalists out of 40,000 folks who auditioned now have the chance to vie for a 7 episode arc on the hit show. The great thing about it is that it plays very much like an episode of the show itself.

Each show starts with Homework. A song is chosen, folks are assigned roles and a guest judge from the show is brought in to critique the performances. So far they have had Darren Criss (Yum) and Edina Menzel (Major Voice, funny eyes). The winner of this challenge is then given a featured role in the current weeks music video shoot, as well as, some one on one time with the guest judge. Some of the greatest moments of the show come out of this time the kids spend with the star. They're a little star-struck, but at the same time are trying to glean every every ounce of wisdom they can from them.

The kids spend time learning the choreography for the shoot and recording the vocals. I myself, would like to see more of that. But it's really about the shoot and the characters that the kids create. These numbers really embody what the show is really about. Each week it's a different theme, much like on the television series.

After the shoot, and we see the final music video it's time for elimination. In this show you are either "called back" or not. 3 contestants (supposedly the weakest ones) are selected to perform a final number. These numbers are performed in front of Glee's creator, Ryan Murphy. I can't even imagine the pressure! They only have a couple hours to rehearse these numbers. What can be really really fascinating is Mr. Murphy's critique. He hasn't lam-blasted anyone as of yet. but I can see it coming as the competition progresses. But if someone didn't get their ass handed to them at some point, it wouldn't be Glee.

After the individual performances a list is posted outside the choir room in typical Glee fashion. One by one the final 3 take a gander at the list. Also in typical Glee fashion this is all done in slow motion with voice overs from the contestants. Once we find out who didn't get called back we segue into "Keep Holding On" being sung by the entire cast with the "ejectee" taking the lead.  How very Glee of them.

It's not Glee, but in a lot of ways it is Glee. It's what the show is about. In front and behind the scenes.

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  1. Katie from FirepitJuly 12, 2011 at 9:36 PM

    I think Matheus is a cute kid, but he really does look like a kid. I felt totally pedo even looking at him taking off his shirts. Eww.
    Which contestants do you like best?
    I don't like Alex's personality, but he sang the heck outta "I will always love you," so that helped improve my opinion of him. I'd like to see Hannah make it to the show but I'm not sure she has enough oomph to make it to the end. Lindsay has a gross personality, but she's really pretty and can sing well. Sometimes, I like both Cameron and Damian, but sometimes find them boring. The others are all sort of boring to me most of the time.