Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ok, summer TV sucks! Let me be the first to say it. Ok, ok…yes, True Blood comes back soon, but it can be so dark, sexy…but dark. My favorite light, happy, fun summer fare is…
I think I have talked about loving RuPaul's Drag Race in the past. It's the only "reality" TV show that I will watch. Its glamorous, fierce, and catty all at the same time.

Drag U is a little bit different. Here, ordinary every-day women come to the show to be transformed into goddesses. Every show has a different theme. Sometimes it's women who work jobs that men typically perform that need to be reminded that they don't have a penis. Other times, like the first episode of the second season, it's women tho have fallen into a rut and need some 5 inch heel therapy in order to step out of it.

I am always surprised by how emotional the show can be. Sure, it's a lot of fun and sequins. But a lot of these women have "issues". Most of the time it's something in their lives that has managed to make them believe they aren't beautiful anymore. To see them make the journey from frump to diva is inspiring to me. In the course of the hour, they manage to deal with their demons, learn to walk in very high heels, and study a choreographed drag number to perform on "Draguation" day.

The judges are also different on Drag U. Lady Bunny, the Dean of Drag…and someone who's been doing it longer than I have been alive, elevates these women to the level of goddess with her "Lady Lessons". The Dean of Dance…who's name I can never remember, is quite complementary of the transformations these ladies make. There is then always a guest judge, usually of some celebrity caliber. The guest judges are the most fun to watch. They are so truly delighted to be on the show. Not to mention the fact that it is a delight to watch Meredith Baxter say the word "titties".

So don't miss out on Drag U this summer. It's on Logo, which I know not everyone has on their cable. But they also rerun episodes on VH-1. It is an hour of pop-corn entertainment that won't leave you lusting for blood afterwards.

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