Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not Too Terribly Upset...

…about having to spend the next week in Las Vegas. Many of you know how much I loath the city. This time I will be staying here the entire time.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel
Granted, I won't exactly be staying in the spot where that photo was taken the entire time, but it is a beautiful resort. I can think of worse places to be for a week, even if it is for work.

The truly horrible part of it all is that might flight out to Vegas is at 6am! That means I have to wake up at 2am and be on the road to the airport by 3am. All the while, most of you will still be snuggled in your warm beds, dreaming of sugar plums. Oh wait…that's Christmas Eve…never mind.

Once I get to Vegas I will have the rest of the entire day to enjoy the amenities of the hotel before beginning work on Friday morning. Or perhaps to nap…I guess that will depend on how much sleep I get on the plane.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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