Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mine Mine Mine ALL MINE!

After 3 days of interminable waiting It's Mine! I picked up my new car today. The Scion xB in Sizzling Crimson! Could it sound any gayer? I think not. But that's ok, I'm gay, so it can sound as gay as it likes.

I know, it looks blackish, but in person it's crimson, sizzling in fact
Here it is right before I stepped into it to take ownership for the very first time. I felt I should commemorate the event with a photograph. It will never look this new again. Course, they had to go and give it those darn 1812 Maryland license plates, which I think look so ugly. Oh well, maybe I'll get custom plates for it at some point.

I drove over to Tod's first thing. I had to show it off to someone who would be excited. The Hubby couldn't even stop weeding long enough to come look at it when I got home. Not sure what the "damage" is there. He can discuss that with the therapist next week.

So far I have managed to set the time, which is remarkably easy and I have paired my iPhone through the Bluetooth so that I can talk hands-free. I have also demonstrated the auto-start to anyone who will pause long enough to watch. I've made it through the "quick start" guide so that I know the basics of it's operation. Now it's time to wade through the owners manual and learn all the details. Cool item - the case the owners manual comes in has a First Aid kit in it. How cool is that? I am now ready to assist the critically injured, or simply band-aid a cut that happens on the road…whichever it may be.

So, big shout out to Alex at Younger Toyota in Hagerstown. He was a delight to deal with and I never felt pressured to buy. So if you need a car, go see Alex and tell him Jim sent you. I doubt I get anything for it, but hey, it doesn't hurt to be a referrer. Oh, another cool thing -- I found a coupon on the Younger Toyota website today that gets me a $100 Gas Card! So of course I printed it out and gave it to Alex as soon as I got the dealership. One can never have too much free gas.

I imagine tomorrow at work will be an endless parade of tours. That's usually what happens when someone gets a new vehicle. I'm ok with that. After all this time it's nice that it'll be me giving the tours instead of being a participant in them. Line forms to the right!


  1. It is a beautiful car! Good choice!

    I would like a phone call from the bluetooth today please.

  2. Yes Jim is now a psycho new car owner. Even though he would never admit it I bet he was looking online for those little paper booties to make people wear before getting in the car. It is a nice car. Very room inside and a box on wheels outside. Oh and the color is indeed lovely.

  3. Well, congrats, though it is not my favorite vehicle (put that into perspective as my dream car is a Geo/chevy Tracker soft top in purple or pink please) I am glad you are happy. It's one of those cars that I have taught my kids the alternative game to "Punch Buggy". We yell "Shoe Box!"