Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gone and Hopefully Forgotten…Or Not

It's been a big week in TV Land. All of the networks have announced which shows have been canceled, what's coming back and what's new on their schedules. It's looking like my fall TV viewing is going to be taking a definite downturn.


Ding Dong Brothers & Sisters is dead! I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Not only was I growing terribly tired of this show, but I also felt a twinge of guilt for not watching it's slow painful death.

It is a bit of a shame. I adore every single one of the actors attached to this show. I even loved the first season and part of the second. I totally blame the writers for this one. They took what was an fascinating family drama and turned it, character by character (bottle of wine by bottle of wine), into a Soap Opera.

I'm also not upset about ABC canceling V. I have an earlier post all about how they ruined that show. I am on the fence about No Ordinary Family. I think the show had great potential, but their writers too, kind of "dumified" it for the masses. Masses that then did not turn out to watch it. I'm very happy that all of my truly favorite shows are returning. Castle, Cougar Town, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Grey's and PP…they will more than make up for the void created by the above canceled shows. Yes, I know…I didn't mention Desperate Housewives. Mainly because I no longer watch it. I'll give it a chance to grab me next season, but this season fell flat for me.


This will be easy. I only watch one show on this network.

This show has replaced Brothers & Sisters as what I consider to be the best written drama on television. Not to mention that Christine Baranski, my favorite actress EVER!, has a very meaty supporting role.


I just realized that I have never watched a single episode of any of the shows canceled by this network, so this will probably be a quick one too.  I have become a fan of Chuck tho.

I poo-pooed this show for a long time…a very long time. This season when Linda Hamilton joined the cast as Chuck's mother, I could no longer resist. I know, you would have thought that when Scott Bakula turned up as his Dad that I would have been hooked. But no, back then I still considered the show too nerdy for me. What I discovered is that Chuck has something for everyone. Action, adventure, and a huge amount of references thrown in for the nerd set. I have to admit…I get a lot of those references even tho I am not a nerd.


Fox also didn't cancel anything I care about. Sorry about Human Target Tod. I know you enjoyed that show, but it just never grabbed me. I am very excited that Fox renewed Fringe.

What started out appearing to be an X-Files knock-off, very quickly proved to be one of the most tightly plotted and riveting shows I've watched in a long time. They have spanned 2 parallel universes and countless years without it ever being confusing or terribly difficult to figure out. Unlike the X-Files, they don't keep the payoff from you. You learn as the characters learn and are as shocked as they are about it. Riveting! And I don't use that term very often when talking about television.

I goes without saying that I am looking forward to a 3rd season of Glee. I mean, who isn't??? My only fear regarding Glee is that it's going to play itself out. I hope they have something new in store for season 3 that we haven't seen before. How many times can it be about the road to regionals or nationals???

The CW

I still don't even really consider this a network. They have canceled the only show I ever watched on it.

OK, maybe I am a nerd after all. I just couldn't get enough of this show! It was total pop culture popcorn.  I'm not even sure you can say that it was canceled. I feel like the producers had told their story and it was time to logically end. Unlike so many shows they didn't drag it 2 seasons past when it stopped being any good. I always liked that about the Star Trek series too. They planned for 7 seasons and at 7 seasons they ended it. Don't get me started on LOST, but I really appreciate the fact that the producers of that show set an end point. I wish more shows would do that. Really, how hard is it to figure out how many seasons it's going to take to tell you story and stick to it!

So that is what I'm excited about in terms of cancelations and renewals. Stay tuned for my post regarding the new shows I am excited about.

What are you sorry, and or happy to see removed, and or saved regarding the fall season. Let me hear it in the comments!


  1. Tod...the soap opera loverMay 18, 2011 at 8:20 PM

    Yes I am sorry to see Brothers and Sisters go. Yes I'm very sorry to see Human Target go, Fox really just dumped it in the toilet from the start and kept flushing. I really enjoyed Off the Map but it's gone too replaced by a medical drama in a war zone...oooh can hardly wait.

  2. I watched Smallville for a long time but lost track of it several years ago. I did catch the last 30 seconds of the very last show though!! I have the first 7 on DVD and want to finish that collection.