Monday, May 30, 2011

Sir-Mix-A-Lush -- The First Mojito

Here it is…Memorial Day! The official start to the Summer Tourist Season and the day we set aside to remember out fallen troops.  Almost, or perhaps more importantly (I jest), it is the day of The First Mojito.

Isn't she a beauty?
For those unaware, this is my "Most Favorite Cocktail on the Planet" (MFCP for short). I reserve it for strictly summer drinking. Something about sipping a Mojito in mid-January, just doesn't seem right to me. It's got to be hot outside. Right now it's 99 degrees. It also helps if there is a pool nearby, but this isn't a requirement.

The Mojito has a long history. It originated in Cuba and is the best reason I can think of for lifting that darn trade embargo. Then I could finally get the actual mint you are supposed to use to mix it. I do ok tho, The Hubby grows me 3 different varieties to play with in my Mojito mixing.

It is perfect in it's simplicity. Very little goes into a Mojito. There is the Rum, I use Bacardi Light or my wonderful Old New Orleans Rum. There is the mint and then the lime. These 3 flavors, mixed along with some sugar (I use Splenda to keep it carb free) and either soda or tonic water, combine to create a cocktail who's simplicity is the key to it's light and refreshing flavor.

You can find lots of variations of this drink today. Many restaurants and bars flavor their Mojitos with everything from pomegranate to mango. I am a purist. Adding anything to this delightful concoction serves only to ruin it's best intentions. That being said, I did discover one variation that I do enjoy from time to time. GINGER! Adding either a few cuttings of fresh Ginger Root or using Ginger Ale instead of soda or tonic creates a sophistication to the flavors in this cocktail that I myself was shocked to discover.

Be sure to enjoy one this summer. If you don't feel like making it yourself, drop by my house…I'll fix you one right up!

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