Monday, May 16, 2011

The Big Easy…Not So Much!

Well, I wanted to post while I was in New Orleans, but my work schedule just didn't allow for it. I only  made it out and about 4 of the nights I was there. I do have some things to show you.

Here is The French Quarter at sunset from the roof of my hotel. It's easy to see how beautiful the city is from up here, while how vile it can be from street level. It almost looks like the rooftops of London.

Now I didn't make it through my entire food itinerary. I had lunch at The Corporation and I ate a lot of Krystal Burger dinners. I made it to The Clover Grill on more than one occasion. Here is my artsy photo from there.

Diner Chic! It's a little hole-in-the-wall, but the food is amazing. The coolest part is that they deep fry the bacon for my burger AND serve it with Tater-Tots! Heaven on a bun!!!

Here are a couple classic New Orleans shots. The St. Louis Cathedral is a pretty impressive building. More so at night than during the day. Don't get me wrong, it's nice during the day, but at night you get this view from behind it.

Another thing you see all over New Orleans are the horse drawn carriages. Here is one I happened across one evening.

I think it's cool that they have brake lights. This one was outside of New Orleans many saloons. No doubt dropping off revealers to continue their evenings revelry.

Now, lets talk about Barbie. What??? Yes, Barbie. I was at the American Institute of Architects conventions and apparently, a new Barbie came out. This one was part of the Career Collection and everyone was very excited about it. Here is a picture of Barbie littering the loading dock at the convention center

I am told that quite a few little girls, hopefully children of architects, were very upset when it was discovered that they had run out of Architect Barbie's for them. Something tells me it was a bunch of women in their late 40's who were really the upset ones.

To end this post, I have a picture of the lobby of my hotel. I was staying at the Omni Royal New Orleans.

Usually we wind up placed at the closest or least expensive hotel. It was a nice change of pace to be placed in one of the most fabulous hotels in the running. Every evening I got to choose my morning beverage that was then delivered to my door. I also got a really nice bowl of fresh fruit on my arrival. Omni ROCKS!

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