Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Bachelor Weekend

Well, the hubby is off this weekend to New York to meet up with someone he knows from his days as a German Exchange Student. So that leaves me here with the Molly Pup and a lot of time on my hands.

I've got Tod's show Saturday night. That ought to be fun. Apparently there is a large group of us going to it. I have to say that 1776 is my least favorite musical in the entire history of time, I am hoping that this production shows me something new. (No pressure Tod) I will be posting as objective a review as I possibly can at some point. We'll see how many cocktails it takes for me to be truly objective.

Tomorrow (Friday) is a trip to Ikea. I need to pick up some lighting. Here are the selections I am looking at.

I've got a lot of projects I could get into this weekend. Now that my contractor is done with all of his work, I can get the new vanity put together so The Hubby can stop complaining about having to use the tiny sink in the Water Closet.  This project is going to require some craftiness. I bought 2 shelving units a long time ago to be placed by, and on, the vanity. One will serve as the Bathroom Pantry and the other the functional shelf that will house the toiletries currently in use. The problem is that they are stark white, which really doesn't work with the dark color scheme I have going on back in the Bedroom/Bathroom/Laundry Room/Closet. So my plan is to cover the exterior of the units with the same copper paper that I used on the ceiling. My original plan was to tear the paper up and decoupage it onto the shelving units. Upon further reflection, I think that would take forever and be kind of messy. So instead, I think I will crumple the paper up in long sheets, smooth it back out like I did for the ceiling and then smooth it onto the shelving units using spray adhesive.

My other project is a raised garden. The Hubby, apparently, needs some more room to plant things. Oh well, it keeps him out of trouble. I have the timber already, I am just dreading the assembly. The plan is to make 3 raised beds, roughly 8x3 ft that will someday surround an, as of yet unapproved, water feature. The reason they are needed is that my backyard (which was once a parking lot) has only 3 inches of soil that was spread down over the original macadam. So it's not like he can dig down into anything except asphalt and last time I checked, asphalt wasn't really good for plants. So, I think it would be a great treat for him to come back from NY and find his beds completed.

The other thing I'd like to get to this weekend is some car test driving. My "Car Buddy" Scott is coming over and we are going to go test drive the new Scion.

I know, it'a box on wheels and I have often said I would never own one. But, I have sat in one and I like it. I like how I kind of sit "up" in my truck, and the Scion has the same feel to it. So we'll see how it drives. It's time for a new car. I mean, I'm 42 years old and I have never owned a new car…only ever used ones. It's time….REALLY time. The toughest decision is color…which of these 3 do you like?

Now that the Portico is back in place on it's new concrete slab, it needs painted. The painting job falls to my sister. I need to get it ready for her tho. So if I find the time this weekend, I should scrape it and wash it down.

Now that I've written all of this out, I'm feeling incredibly overwhelmed and very lazy. I'll let you know on Monday how much of it got done.

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